Measuring Richland County’s Economic Performance

Richland County is at a pivotal point in its economic evolution.

The goal of Richland Vital Signs is to inform and inspire economic growth and opportunities. It is a dashboard to provide data and statistical analysis to track outcomes.

The website is part of a plan developed by community leaders to focus on (1) Traditional Economic Development: Business Retention & Expansion, (2) Workforce Development, and (3) Entrepreneurship.

Focusing on existing businesses and helping them grow will expand the county’s economic base. Workforce is critical because people are the greatest economic nutrient required to boost future growth. At the same time, supporting entrepreneurs will ensure that the economy of the next generation is stronger than the current one.

Current Measures and Outcomes


Richland County supports job growth and wealth creation in a culturally diverse community.

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Richland County promotes a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

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Richland County leverages its roots in industrial production and technical innovation to drive growth.

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